Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Social Studies Civil War Project

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Students have chosen a topic related to the Civil War (i.e. major battle or important person involved in the Civil War) and are writing a research paper.  Papers should include the significance of the battle as well as the historical account of the battle.  If a person was chosen, papers should include what role that person had throughout the Civil War and how he or she impacted history.

Once students have written their research papers, they will then create a visual presentation on their topic and present to the class.  The focus of the presentation should be to summarize what they learned about their topic and present this information to the class in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the information researched.

Important Dates to Remember:
  • September 30th - Civil War Paper Due
  • October 3rd-7th - Civil War Presentations Begin
  • October 4th - First Book Adventure Book Quiz Due

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